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Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise 
Opens in New York City, April 5 – April 11
at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th St.
Opens in Los Angeles, April 19 – April 25
Laemmle Music Hall, Beverly Hills
Select cities to be added.
Check back for dates and venues.

Powerful and authentic, Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise dives off the edge into the truth of women’s experience in the world. It revisits the journey of Thelma & Louise through the lens of viewers who saw that iconic film in 1991 and shared intimate, personal, stories at that time. The same women and men were tracked down 25 years later. Are their responses different now? What has changed in the way women are treated?

New York: ‘Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise’ opens in New York City on April 5th at Cinema Village.

Los Angeles: ‘Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise’ opens in Los Angeles on April 19th at Laemmle Music Hall.

Q&As: Check theater website for dates and times of Q&A with Director, Jennifer Townsend, and featured interviewees.

Additional Screenings in select cities to be added. If you are interested in bringing ‘Catching Sight’ to screen in your town or city, please send us your name and email address and we’ll be in touch.

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